“We as a group are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who have not been blessed with the same opportunities we take for granted every day. Each and every colleague in the Aperture Group shares this need to make a difference. This is integral to who we are as a company, embodying one of our core values in doing something meaningful for those less fortunate with absolutely no expectation in return.”

Aperture Recruitment CEO Robin Perks

At the heart of Aperture Recruitment lies the ongoing commitment to give back. The “Three C’s” is a reference to the company’s balanced trinity of priorities – a commitment to Clients, Candidates, and to local Communities. Accordingly, Aperture Recruitment invests considerable time, expertise and funds in community projects to make a difference in ordinary people’s lives.

Aperture Recruitment is involved in a number of projects to uplift poorer communities in the areas in which the company operates, namely Sub-Saharan Africa.

The following organisations in particular are beneficiaries of Aperture Recruitment’s focus and attention, namely the QuadPara Association (QASA) of South Africa, Lapdesk and the John Perks Foundation. The latter is Aperture Recruitment’s own poverty relief initiative.
QuadPara Association:

A pioneering non-profit organisation, the QuadPara Association (QASA) spearheads a number of advocacy, relief, employment and treatment programs for people with disabilities living in South Africa. Some of the organisation’s campaigns involve supporting disabled sport and skills development projects, establishing income-generating business units for the disabled, and creating awareness among the public about people with disabilities.

With over 3000 members, QASA has established 14 independent living centres for the care and residence of people with disabilities. Robin Perks met the national director Ari Seirlis and realised what exceptional work this organisation does. It is a cause that needs support and a lot of exposure. Please visit the site onwww.qasa.co.za to see the incredible difference Ari and his team are making throughout South Africa and how you can help.

Robin Perks facilitated a transaction for QASA with no risk and only an upside for this organisation. An extract from QASA’s annual report: “I must on behalf of QASA, thank Robin Perks for the role he plays in this venture.” Ari Seirlis National Director QASA

John Perks Foundation (JPF):
jp Named after CEO Robin Perks’ father, today the organisation is an example of how much good can be achieved by just one organisation with the right leadership and a heart for real positive change. The John Perks Foundation was Perks’ way of honouring his father as well as his response to the senseless tragic loss of his father on 9 June 2005 in an ambush on elderly tourists that was widely published around the world as a senseless murder. John Perks believed in finding the good in every situation and Aperture honours his memory and his incredible good acts and intentions by forming this Foundation in his name. The JPF mission is to help anyone less fortunate with a lot of emphasis on child-headed families affected by HIV and Aids, abused women , children and animals. The foundation raises funds through its business ventures, and strives to be an example of a successful corporate-sponsored, community-support foundation. JPF has also with Aperture sponsored two deserving children with the means to achieving an education in a top SA school over 5 years.
lap A unique and proudly South African venture, the Lapdesk Company, with the support of corporate role-players and a number of NGOs, is effectively tackling school desk shortages in Africa. The Lapdesk Company’s medium term goal is to eliminate the 4.2 million desk shortage in South Africa by 2011. With the help of local and international companies, Lapdesk is making significant progress towards this goal.

Aperture CEO Robin Perks met the CEO of Lapdesk, Shane Immelman, many years ago and was moved by the level of human deprivation Immelman introduced him to in certain areas in South Africa. Perks was blown away by Immelman’s drive to make this work and never say die or give up attitude even against incredibly tough odds in communities that sometimes do not even have a class room. Visit the website on www.lapdesk.co.za as they too need your help. Perks was asked to sit on the board and is a position he still holds today.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond 2015 TutuDesk Campaign

The Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu 2015 TutuDesk Campaign Centres have been established in Cape Town and Johannesburg under the leadership of Dan Vaughan, Archbishop Tutu’s advisor and Shane Immelman, the founder of The Kommunity Desk Company© and Kommunity Group Projects©.

The Archbishop Tutu 2015 Outreach Campaign (‘the Campaign’) initiative is the culmination of 18 months of research, development and planning, and is the core driver of The Kommunity Desk Company’s work for the next 5 years for the period 2011 to 2015. The Campaign is being personally led by Archbishop Tutu, the objective of which is to provide 20 million South African and African children with special edition Kommunity Desks known as TutuDesks©, by the end of 2015.

The Campaign Centres run independently as a nonprofit organization (Section 21).

Our research, supported by UNESCO reporting, shows a classroom desk shortage of over 90 million desks in Africa, with South Africa experiencing a classroom desk shortage in excess of 3 million desks. The figure of 20 million TutuDesks© provides a critical mass for addressing this challenge turning the corner in literacy development for children in Africa, and in particular, primary school learners.

Through the vast knowledge that we have gained over the years as a result of our work in Basic Education, our experience is that a provision of 20 – 25% of the existing need for writing surfaces has the potential to fundamentally change learning outcomes en masse.

Classroom Desk Shortage Estimates

Country Primary school population Secondary school population Total school population Primary pupil: teacher ratio Desk shortage factor Estimated desk shortage
Angola 1 846 330 2 827 923 4 674 253 60% 2 804 552
Benin 1 370 072 1 338 751 2 708 823 47 50% 1 354 412
Botswana 312 095 225 553 537 648 25% 134 412
Burkina Faso 2 203 652 2 104 403 4 308 055 47 50% 2 154 028
Burundi 1 220 785 1 291 091 2 511 876 49 50% 1 255 938
Cameroon 2 571 272 2 703 712 5 274 984 48 35% 1 846 244
CentraAfrican Rep. 662 276 667 60 1 329 879 45% 598 446
Chad 1 639 483 1 525 985 3 165 468 63 45% 1 424 461
Congo (Brazzaville) 681 221 629 079 1 310 300 83 40% 524 120
Congo (Kinshasa) 9 567 571 7 899 709 17 467 280 34 40% 6 986 912
Cote d’Ivoire 2 902 268 3 078 054 5 980 322 42 35% 2 093 113






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