Business in Africa can be a veritable minefield. Success in Africa is about knowing which hand to hold to ensure credible contacts with integrity.

POSTNOTE 4Many organizations have learned the difficult lesson that you cannot hire into the African continent without understanding it consists of 54 different countries with different cultures and rules of doing business.

When hiring in Europe and the UK , simply knowing England, will not enable you to hire effectively in Sweden or Italy. Accordingly, believing that solely by being South African, or attending a few conferences in another African country, you can effectively understand hiring into the African continent is just as ludicrous.

Through Robin’s (CEO) unique position as an active member of various International and African networks and access to Ivy League and top UK schools. Aperture Recruitment is an African company with a significant footprint in terms of in-country experience, relationships and high level networks across the continent.

Aperture is not a South Africa company thinking we understand 54 different countries we have not been to, but an integrated African business with strong established links into the African continent.

The group has access to in-country top resources and has an extensive network of diaspora living around the world interested in returning to their home countries for appropriate opportunities

In addition, we have access to English, French, Portuguese and other languages for specifically required expertise.

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Many of our Executive roles are not advertised due to confidentiality.

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