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As the custodians of your finances, Aperture takes great care in placing candidates with the qualifications and experience required to ensure that finance and operations run smoothly.

From managers to directors, Aperture has built relationships with candidates on the level and price point suited to your organisation.

To date, we have placed the following positions in these industries:


Executive placement is treated with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity to both client and candidate.

Appointment of interim talent is a tried and tested solution to a range of business challenges. The loss of an executive within any business is a very stressful and precarious period. Equally, a company may require a fixed-term project-based resource (particularly in the rest of Africa) to focus on building a business unit, identifying a successor and driving the necessary skills transfer. Aperture is able to alleviate the pressures of these situations through our Interim Executive solution.

An overview of our Interim Executive solutions:

  • Outsourced executive teams for interim or long-term engagements
  • CEOs – interim CEOs for crisis or strategic roles.

CFOs and accounting – interim teams setting up CFO and reporting functions including:

  • Complex tax and accounting reporting
  • Skills training and transfer

HR and Recruitment

  • Outsource staffing issues in new jurisdictions until suitable permanent replacements can be found
  • Managed specialist recruitment teams sourcing the best talent dedicated to a business.


  • Outsource complex roles of key appointments, understanding specific requirements for different countries

If you are interested in being an interim executive or should your business require interim talent, please contact us on +27 (0) 11 063 6200.

Financial Services

Management Consulting

Engineering, Mining & Construction



Many of our Executive roles are not advertised due to confidentiality.

If you are an Executive looking for a new opportunity please contact our Executive Search team.

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